CRM & Quality Content: The Sales Process’ Dynamic Duo


Customer relationship management (CRM) is critical to promoting progression through an organization’s sales cycle. More than just a warehouse of contacts, an optimized CRM solution contains critical data about your company’s clients, prospects, colleagues and/or suppliers.

CRM systems are responsible for some of the biggest gains in 21st Century commercial productivity, because data is king, and the ability to access it – easily, completely and accurately – can mean the difference between opportunities lost and won.

A top-performing CRM system tracks activity at every stage of the sales cycle. But it goes further, guiding producers on the sequential steps required to close a deal or cross-sell a particular client. To facilitate this, a full history of all communications and documents shared must be part of every CRM record.

And that leads us to a truth that cannot be overstated. Fresh, relevant and compelling content is absolutely critical to keeping your clients and prospects engaged, and the sales process moving. Here are some tips for developing web and social media content that supports your customer relationship management efforts.

Newer is better

You’ve heard the saying “what’s old is new again?” Forget that when it comes to the development and promotion of digital content. You don’t have to overhaul your company’s home page every week, but consistently adding new content gives visitors a reason to bookmark the site and return.

Know your audience

In a well-meaning effort to be all things to all people, companies can lose sight of their key messages – and their target audience. Remember the following acronym: WIFM. What’s in it for me? Your content should vary, but always relate to your demographic and its interests.

Leverage your expertise

Trust is big – and your reputation as a subject matter expert can open doors. If you can save a customer or prospect time, money or otherwise make life easier, don’t hold back. Best practice content delivered to your audience is a soft sell method that builds confidence in your business over time.

Keep it simple

Bulleted tip sheets, short articles with numbered titles (“7 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Garage) and brief blog posts (300-500 words) can hold a reader’s attention span. Dense documents do not.

Be consistent

Keeping the content on your website and social media platforms updated is a job, but it doesn’t have to be a time-consuming chore. If you own a startup business or work for a small team, hands can be scarce. Schedule a regular hour or two on your calendar every week to review, plan and assign content. The consistent flow of new opportunities into your CRM system will make the effort well worth it.

Originally published on the SAVO corporate blog


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