Shalom (April 15, 2009)

Well boys and girls, I am off to Israel! Tomorrow afternoon, I fly from Chicago to Tel Aviv by way of London, and will arrive late Friday afternoon. I have never flown for so long a stretch completely unaccompanied, but I actually look forward to it. Plenty of time for sleep, journal writing, reading and movie watching – all things I normally never have enough time to do. My friends Bobby and Moish, who are kind enough to host me, have planned a whirlwind itinerary for us: floating on the Dead Sea, tours of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Akko. I will see the Western Wall, the holy site where Jesus allegedly gave his famous “Sermon on the Mount,” and be there on Monday, 4/20, to witness the observance of Holocaust Memorial Day. I will see things that take my breath away, break my heart and inspire me – all in the company of great friends. I am a very lucky girl and eager to make the most of this opportunity.

Though I never ascribed much to my Christian upbringing and have long since converted to Hinduism, I cannot deny that something about Israel speaks to me as part of the world from which I spring. I suspect I may discover some surprising and new things about myself on this journey, besides whether or not my body can tolerate absinthe.

I will have sporadic access to a computer while I am away, and do plan to check in with some thoughts and musings on the all the things I will see. I return Sunday, April 26th, and once I calm down from the excitement of the trip and seeing my beloved husband again, I plan to give my sojourn the treatment it deserves, and share some of my experiences with all of you.

Until then, behave!

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