Friday the 24th (July 24, 2009)

It is fairly obvious to most of you that our Jen of All Trades has been on hiatus for quite some time. What might not be so obvious is that for months on end, she has been dealing with a sick child. Rosebud, her two year-old, has been suffering recurring fevers, sleep apnea and eating troubles since early winter. Lost for answers for a long time, it has been very trying for Jen and her family to figure out how to help their child. After a dedicated period of personal research, stick to-itiveness and doctor visits, it was finally determined that Rosbud had some bum tonsils and adnoids causing these problems.

So today was the day my baby niece had surgery to have these nasty parts removed. As you might imagine, it was a very rough ordeal for the little one and her parents – not the least because the procedure began at 7 AM. I am happy to report the process was a success, but healing will be tough and demanding. I have KK for the evening, and we are lucky enough to be heading off to a Demi Lovato concert at the AllState Arena in a few minutes. I know I will be the least cool person there, but hopefully KK is willing to forgive me. David Archuleta is the opening act. I am perhaps more excited about that than I should be.

But Rosebud and her folks aren’t the only ones having a tough day. When I brought KK home to my place for lunch and a nap, I got an email from my favorite cousin, Little C, that she had been laid off. She is philosophical and serene as always, believing everything happens for a reason, and she is probably right. Sill, I adore this girl and just hate to see her down in any fashion.

So I dedicate this post to the tough ladies in my life who have suffered a knock this day, but keep on chugging. Nothing – unemployment, surgery or a little fatigue, can keep a good woman down.


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