The Water in South Carolina (September 11, 2009)

Eddie has been traveling to this Southern State for most of the year, part of the deal that comes with his landing a solid, full-time job with the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Association. I have gone along with him on two of these weekly business trips since July, and have written a bit about how I enjoyed the quiet and relaxation I had found in the small town of Blythewood to do my work (both freelance writing, and on my tan).

So yes, South Carolina has necessarily been on my radar this year. But even if my husband’s career hadn’t led him toward an intimate relationship with this land of 4.5 million people, it would be hard to ignore the continuing stream of news oddities that have been vomited from the overheated Red state in 2009. This latest bit, the by-now infamous conduct of Congressman Joe Wilson, who screamed “You lie!” like a classless red neck whooping it up at a monster truck rally at President Obama, during a nationally televised address, only served to remind me that this is the fourth time in a very short period that something shady in SC has mounted the national stage.

1. June 22, 2009 – Governor Mark Sanford Goes “Hiking”

I believe we all know by now that the early summer “vacation” of the Gov was instead a jaunt down to Argentina to get a blowjob from his mistress. This continues to be a major pickle, and I had assumed (wrongly) that the GOP would like to shove this business under the rug so they could get back to the important work of scaring senior citizens to death about health care reform. But no! They are the ones who continue to call for Sanford’s ouster, as recently as this week. There’s nothing that makes me smile brighter than right wing cannibalism.

2. July 6, 2009 – Police say suspect in South Carolina serial killings is dead

If you blinked in early July, or were out enjoying summer fun rather than stuck indoors watching TV with your overseas in-laws, you may have missed this. It is for the best that this miscreant did himself in. Patrick Tracy Burris’ five victims were completely random in terms of age, class and relation to the murderer (i.e. none). An unreadable killer is the most dangerous of all.

3. August 19, 2009 – Record Setting PowerBall Jackpot Winner From South Carolina

It took Solomon Jackson Jr. WEEKS to claim his 259 million dollar prize. And as of today, he has yet to make a decision as to how he’d like to be paid (cash or annuity). Glad he doesn’t need the money that badly. Eddie and I had tickets for this particular drawing, so I took this indecision personally.

4. September 9, 2009 – ‘You Lie:’ Joe Wilson outburst sets bad example for kids

It would be amoral of me, as a responsible blogger, not to admit that I have had to restrain myself this week from writing Congressman Wilson a thank you letter: not because I support his childish display of petulant rudeness. No, I thank him because he has changed the subject of the health care reform debate from prophesies of dead grandmas, to an examination of just how partisan and disrespectful Capitol Hill practices have gotten. Obama and Co. are savvily riding the PR and sympathy wave, handing out gracious and forgiving soundbites, and leaving uncommitted independents wondering if the Republicans can find their own asses much less develop an adult piece of beneficial legislation.

So it’s been a busy few months for a State that comprises a mere 1.5% of the nation’s total population. I think they had better drum up some media attention for something other than slutty/crazy politicians, murder and careless millionaires on the double. Thanks to the Blago/Roland Burris fiasco, I informally awarded Illinois the 2008 Goat of the Union Award. Looks like SC is a serious contender for ’09.


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