Merry Christmas Y’all (December 24, 2009)

Christmas 2009 010

Part of the reason Jen and I appreciate the new ABC comedy Modern Family so much, besides its being a touching sidesplitter, is because we are living it. Jen has been happily married for years to a wonderful husband and father, Max, the absolute real deal in terms of representing the Islamic faith in its truest and best form. Patient, loving, tolerant and honest, anyone who wants to learn a little more about what Muslim men are really like should spend the day with my brother-in-law.

Then there’s my own hubby, the embodiment of Hindu male strength and pride. We have been together nearly four years. These long term relationships have led to some fabulously interesting holiday mashups. Like today for example, when Max, Jen, Eddie, Rosebud and I went to a Mediterranean restuarant for our Christmas Eve meal. Yes, that’s right. Two WASPs, a Muslim and a Hindu (that sounds like the beginning of a really great joke) walk into a continental buffet to celebrate, not the birth of the baby Jesus, but the good fortune to have survived the year together, tough as it was, with our family relationship stronger than ever.

God (or whomever) bless us everyone!

Happy holidays peeps – whatever your faith, or even if you have no faith at all. A new year is upon us.


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