Which End is Up!? Turns 1! (January 13, 2010)

Blog Birthday

Exactly one year ago today, Jen of All Trades wrote the following post:


This introduction ushered in Jen’s brand of uniquely relatable Everymom/Career Woman humor. The next day, she asked her frustrated writer sister, languishing at an administrative management job from hell, if she’d like to get off her duff, stop daydreaming about putting her work out there, and actually, you know, start producing.

A lot has happened since Jen published her first post. As Which End is Up?!celebrates its first birthday, let’s pause and reflect on some of the changes in our own lives and the world at large:


    • America’s leadership – Out with Dubya (mercifully), in with Obama


    • Inspired by the creative juices that began to flow as I wrote my own posts, I finally mustered the courage to leave corporate America and follow my dreams. In less than a year, I have published six articles for StreetWise (two of which have been nominated for awards by the Illinois Woman’s Press Association), over a dozen theater and book reviews for Edge Chicago, and two well received articles for Jettison Quarterly.



There is so much more, but birthdays are just as much about looking forward as they are about looking back. On a personal note, I want to thank my co-blogger and sister from the bottom of my heart. Her idea for this collaboration knocked something loose inside me, something exciting and scary that I am not sure would ever have come dislodged without her kicking me in the pants. Jen is more than a sister to me – she is an inspiration on so many levels.

But we write for more than just ourselves on these pages. We want to hear from you, your impressions about the work we’ve done the last year. Is there something you’d like to hear us talk about? Anything we could be doing better?


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