Blogus Interruptus (April 16, 2010)

It’s been nearly a full week since I posted anything, and longer than that since I wrote anything substantial (though there might be different opinions about my claims to substance).

I played it on the down low the last couple months, though you folks know I have been job hunting. But I actually started a new position this past Monday, at a pretty timely and important nonprofit. Many more details on this new assignment tomorrow, but the point for now is that adjusting to a new schedule, where I try to collapse full-time work, freelancing, a marriage and household management, has heavily distracted me from the joys of naval contemplation. It’s a matter of relearning how to spin all the plates. I have been out of the rat race for nearly a year and it’s taking a few days to recalibrate.

I haven’t even been following the news much this week, though I did come across three items about my beloved CNN, and it’s major stars, Larry King and Anderson Cooper that I thought I might share:

1. First the silly: Larry King files for divorce #8

2. AC 360 gains live audience in an attempt to boost ratings

3. The not quite open AC also checks in at #2 on Out magazine’s “Power 50” list of the most influential gays and lesbians in America.

I hear that CNN desperately needs some ratings to stop the drubbing it regularly receives from MSNBC and my personal favorite, Fox news. I suppose actually BEING the news is one way to go about it.


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