Why Aren’t Reports Like This Being Seen in the US? (July 3, 2010)


My friend Niki, an avid blogger and fellow sister in outrage, sent me a link to this video over Facebook. It is a report, broadcast on the Australian equivalent of 60 Minutes, which absolutely crystallizes the suffering of the “small people” in the Gulf region. The video also hits you in the face with the reality that any attempt to return to business as usual after BP’s terrific mismanagement of both the accident and its cleanup efforts, will take years, if not decades.

The report is heartbreaking to watch, and I found myself in tears more than once. However, it should be required viewing for every American, who ironically, due to the lies and squelching of information at the Federal and corporate level, has been led to believe that this will be all be over once the relief well is in place. It’s just not so.

I would like to add a finger wagging shame to the U.S. media establishment for letting the Aussies scoop us on our own story. The only way to ensure that we never allow anything like this to happen again, is to be brutally honest in our evaluation of the environmental, psychological and economic damage.


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