Scenes from a City Run (July 10, 2012)




Act I: The First Half Mile

Toddler Boy: (Holding onto his mother’s hand as he drunk-walks wistfully in front a public park like only the young can do.) “Mommy, why is she running?

Patient, Smiling Mother: “For exercise.”

Boy: “But why?”

Mother: “Because adults don’t move as much as kids do.”

Jogger continues along chosen path, grinning outwardly at the sweet, insightful exchange.

Act II: Mile 2

Jogger: “Hey baby!”

Old Friend Unexpectedly Encountered: (Look of recognition slowly overtaking his face.) “Hey! What are you doing?”

Jogger: (Not breaking stride, competing with the clock and herself.) “I live over here. I’m working on my fitness boo!”

Jogger continues, marveling at the small-world feel of her city. She’s didn’t even know he was her neighbor.

Act III: Conclusion of Mile 2

Two middle-aged gentleman walk side-by -side in front of a rehabilitation center as the jogger attempts to pass.

First Man: (Muttering) “ that ass off. Damn!”

Second Man: (Sardonically) “Oh, one of those types.”

Jogger: (Rolls eyes virtually into the back of her head while sucking in a deep, calming breath. She should be used to this after 20 years.)

Boys will be pervy boys at any age it seems.

Act IV: Mile 3

Another Toddler Boy: (Trips over his own feet exiting storefront while harried mother pushes him gently from behind. Points.) “Where is her doggie?

: (Exasperated and laden with packages.) “What?”

Boy: “Her doggie. Big people always run with doggies.”

Jogger did not feel like getting dressed to go for a run this morning, but is glad she did. She carries these little snippets of conversation, these tiny slices of life in an urban climate with her everywhere. They take up residence in her soul.


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