Missing in Action: The Week’s Overlooked News Stories


Utah believes that Internet porn amounts to a public health crisis. Why did Ben and Jerry get sent to the clink? Cubs star Jake Arrieta causes an excited fan to lead Cincinnati cops on a field chase. And the “world’s oldest dog” makes bittersweet headlines. Here’s what might have escaped your attention this week….

While the nation grapples with a sharp increase in gun violence (see Chicago’s year-to-date numbers if you’re in the mood to be horrified), the threat of a Zika virus outbreak, and an uncertain political future, Utah has found a way to make our jaws drop with a sense of misplaced priority. The state believes pornography is a public health crisis. There was a ceremonial declaration signed by Governor Gary Herbert and everything. I’ve been to Utah and witnessed its beautiful climate and infrastructure firsthand. Is this a case of statewide First World problems? Click the hyperlink, read the story and decide for yourself.

As election 2016 rolls along, we continue hearing about all the things frustrating voters: there’s too much money in politics, voting rights are under attack, we need to stop ignoring climate change, our educational system is a mess. We could go on forever about the wealth of legitimate concerns. And now there’s a group ambitiously attempting to speak out on all of these issues and more. They are a group of protestors called Democracy Awakening, and they converged on Washington earlier this week. About 300 people were arrested including the co-founders of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield have a history of speaking out about social and political injustice, quite literally putting their money where their mouths are. A quote from their website reads “It all comes down to a simple idea that we believe in whole-heartedly: if you care about something, you have to be willing to risk it all—your reputation, your values, your business—for the greater good.” We find that attitude pretty delicious!

Speaking of taking chances for something you care about, one Cubs fan risked his freedom on Thursday evening to be part of history. Ace pitcher Jake Arrieta pitched his second no-hitter in as many years, and a man in the crowd was seemingly so overcome with joy, he had to be a part of the on-field celebration. He did what fan’s of all sports have merely fantasized about in those high-octane moments. His 15 minutes of fame might come with a mugshot, but we can’t help but love the guy.

When you love animals and bring them into your home, they become family. If you’re like the BeckySarwate.com team, you look at your fur babies everyday and think, as you gently pet them and look lovingly into their eyes, “I wish you could live forever.” While we know that’s not possible, we hope for as many healthy, happy years with our four-legged friends as we can get. One fortunate pet owner spent literal decades with his pup. Australian dairy farmer Brian McLaren got 30 years with his beloved dog, Maggie. That is not a typo. 30. Years. Unofficially dubbed the world’s oldest dog, Maggie passed away in her sleep this past Monday. We’re sorry to see her go but it’s clear she had a good long life and brought much joy to her family.


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