White Male Privilege’s Biggest Threat: Strong American Women


“A damned inspiring couple of weeks. And all this lady winning took place against a political backdrop where Hillary Clinton is on track to be elected the first female president in American history. In many ways it’s never been a more exciting and hopeful time to be a woman in this country. Our gender is literally everywhere smashing through barriers, teaching little girls of all skin tones that the limits of possibility are drawn only by one’s hard work and determination.

But if summer 2016 has been a celebratory feast for gifted, focused American women in sports and politics, our male counterparts have struggled. The ugly excesses of white male privilege have been on a world tour. It’s been one embarrassing, frightening and disappointing moment after another for the reproducers of the patriarchal ideology – consciously or otherwise. Here’s a brief rundown of this season’s competitive exercises in white male disgust…”

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