Hillary Clinton’s Patriotic Ride Reinforces DNC 2016’s Savvy, Inclusive Message


“I never understood why the left let most of the 2000s and a good part of this decade pass playing defense. As if somehow wanting a country that works for all instead of carrying the water pail for the one percent, while indulging the cultural wars of the religious right, was heretical and un-American. The purveyors of the Iraq War (Part 2), who passed unprecedented, unaffordable tax cuts and made a Constitutional Amendment against gay marriage a centerpiece of the party platform mystifyingly won the PR battle for which movement represented “real Americans.”

Democrats should not have needed the Trump phenomenon to help them articulate a vision for the country that also conveys love for it. After all the party’s planks, even before Bernie Sanders helped pushed them farther left, are about creating equal opportunity and freedom for all – not just rich, white, cisgendered males. And liberals shouldn’t have required the impetus of an ominous, fearful and whitewashed RNC 2016 to point out that say, the GOP might not speak to who and what we are after all. But better late than never I suppose.”

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Debbie Downer? Buck Up, Liberals. DNC 2016 is Gonna Be Fine


“Did we really need exposed emails to confirm what the party already knew? Despite what we routinely hear from the arrogant mouth of Donald Trump, being right is not in fact its own reward. It’s incredibly unfortunate to watch DNC 2016 start off with the wrong kind of bang through a long series of unforced errors.”

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Dear Bernie: Just Go Ahead and Go


“At this point I’m not sure Sanders or a loud subset of his followers, who sound an awful lot like Trumpists when embracing the GOP’s anti-Hillary Clinton talking points, are actually dealing with the reality facing the American people. A few simple facts are overlooked when the increasingly dysfunctional cult of Bernie expresses its rage, say in Nevada. From any angle – popular vote, pledged delegates, pick your favorite – Hillary is trouncing Bernie. There is no stolen election crime being perpetrated.”

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Missing in Action: The Week’s Overlooked News Stories



Welcome to a new weekly feature at BeckySarwate.com! 2016 has been a pop cultural, political and global whirlwind. How are busy people supposed to keep up? I’m here to help with commentary and links directing readers to the stories that may be worth a little weekend investment. Here’s three that caught my attention this week…

– While we’ve been watching presidential campaign debates on both sides of the party divide, the trading of insults via press conference, town halls and the like, a situation has been brewing between the Bernie Sanders campaign and the Secretary of State of Ohio, John Husted. Sanders’ team filed a lawsuit this week alleging that Husted changed rules in order to block 17 year-olds from voting in next Tuesday’s winner-take-all Ohio primary. It doesn’t appear to be a cut and dry issue. Read about it on CNN.

– Have you been enjoying the feud between Bette Midler and Kim Kardashian over nude selfies? While that’s been taking place, Lane Bryant has been grappling with what looks like actual injustice. According to sources, the company created a sultry lingerie campaign – in the vein of Victoria’s Secret ads – featuring their plus-sized models. Disappointingly, the ad was rejected by at least two major networks and the reasons given were vague. View this TMZ video report and judge for yourself: is this a case of too fat for TV?

– And while Chicago’s local television news reports have been dominated by another rise in gun violence, you may have missed a very touching viral video. The clip was originally posted by a suburban Chicago girl on her Facebook page. She surprised the man who raised her with something very special – so special that Ellen DeGeneres caught wind of it and shared the video on her own official Facebook page. Grab some tissues and watch it here.

What do you think of our new feature? Anything else happen this week that you think we might have missed? Tips and suggestions welcome!

Back to the Wall: Hillary’s in Trouble and Knows It


“It’s fair to say that Clinton did not run from the two-term Obama record Sunday night. On issue after issue, in drawing contrast between what she hopes voters will view as the more radical, impractical positions of Sanders, Hillary’s stance was essentially, “I plan on building upon what President Obama did.” (Side note: it kills me to agree with Chuck Todd). What a difference a few months makes.:

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