Cubs Give Fans the Greatest Gift: Time


“The Cubs’ first playoff match doesn’t happen until October 7. There are weeks left of the MLB’s regular season – 19 days of joyous, easygoing rest. The Cubs are the best team in baseball and with few exceptions, these guys are an endearing, likeable bunch. I’m just shy of middle age but well-read and acquainted with many a senior fan. There’s never been a better year to be a member of Wrigleyville Nation.

The playoffs and their requisite nail-biting, restless tension will be here soon enough. Let’s try something new, shall we Cub fans? Let’s enjoy the triumph and continue to embrace the target. There’s no reason to disregard Manager Extraordinaire Joe’s Maddon’s directive, stressing about events that haven’t yet occurred. I write these words for myself as much as the other anxiety-riddled citizens of Cubs Nation.”

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Joe Maddon’s Populist Management Style Brings Fun to the Field

Joe M

“Historically, as members of Cubs Nation know, fandom hasn’t always been fun. But Joe Maddon’s time in Chicago has been literally and metaphorically marked by a refreshing change in attitude. A terrific winning season buttressed by a collegial lightheartedness about the silly stuff is beginning to put distance between today and the darker days of Wrigley gone by.”

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