After Mid-August Rest, Jason Heyward Comes Back in a Big Way


“Since returning to the lineup, Heyward has five multi-hit games in eight starts, including the one-man devastation handed to the Giants. As concerned Cub fans have come to realize, baseball Zen-master Maddon knows more than any of us. He said of Heyward’s high-performance turnaround, ‘I really believe when a very good major league player may be struggling, if he just sits and watches a major league game being played and then understands, `I’m one of the best’,” it does something internally.’

With the Cubs inches away from a single-digit magic number, Heyward’s resurgence is great news for Wrigleyville Nation. It’s also a huge potential migraine for other playoff contenders. Fansided’s Robert Davis editorialized, ‘As Cubs fans begin remodeling for their ‘Clinch Parties,’ it may be best for managers around the league to redo their approach to Chicago’s lineup.'”

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Just What Exactly Have the Cubs Given Up to Get Chapman?


“At the risk of going full-bore Pollyanna, we were supposed to be better than this. The Cubs organization should have wanted no part of Chapman. We have dance party rooms and petting zoo field days. Violence and recklessness are not the Maddon/Epstein values. Right? To follow my work is to know I want to the Cubbies to prevail as much as any other diehard. It’s in my very bloodstream. But not at the expense of moral degradation.”

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Maddon & Company Embrace Target with Red Hot Memorial Day Winning Streak

Joe M

“Holy cow! What a ride we’re enjoying. It seems as if the boys in blue took the pre-season advice of Manager Joe Maddon – and are running all over the competition with it. More than an approach to avoiding the team’s historical arc toward self-destruction, Maddon’s directive to ‘embrace the target,’ has removed the fear of success from a battered organization. And its fan base.”

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Post-Schwarber Injury, Maddon & The Cubs Prove They’re Karma Chameleons


“Then Schwarber was carted off the field. The 23 year-old lefty hit 16 home runs in 69 games for the team last season, and was anticipated to be an integral part of the Cubs 2016 offense. As he left the diamond with the help of trainers P.J. Mainville and Ed Halbur, you could hear the collective groans inside the park and out. This is how the implosion starts, right?…

In a highly competitive NL Central Division, the Chicago Cubs are off like a shot with a 14-5 record that puts them ahead three and a half games over the Cardinals. It is but April and there’s much baseball to be played, but the Cubs are so stacked with talent, from the office to the dugout to bullpen and field, that the old cynicism model appears hopelessly outdated.”

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Missing in Action: The Week’s Overlooked News Stories


It’s been a crazy week for the team in so many positive ways. We’ll have more to share regarding those developments soon. It’s also been another busy news cycle. Here’s a few stories that might have escaped your notice during this first week of spring.

  • As this week comes to an end, the world continues to grieve and try to come to terms with the horrific terror attacks in Brussels, Belgium. The images being shared via the media are disturbing and heartbreaking, but necessary in order for people to feel the impact of something that happened “over there.” Yet as someone often critical of mainstream media, I notice gross disparity in covering similar world events. I’m willing to bet many didn’t even know about two terror attacks that took place in Turkey just days before the events in Brussels. We are Paris, we are Brussels, but we are not Turkey?
  • My hometown of Chicago has experienced some high-profile, diverse sports coverage of late. First, the Chicago White Sox Adam LaRoche child fiasco, then Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon balanced the negative equation by announcing his cool team dress code policy. While those stories captured attention, something was brewing in the world of professional tennis. Indian Wells tournament director Raymond Moore took a Stone Age view on the success of women in the sport, summarized in this disgusting quote: “They are very, very lucky. If I was a lady player, I’d go down every night on my knees and thank God that Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal were born, because they have carried this sport.” Mr. Moore, you are formally invited to crawl back to the Mad Men era from whence you came.
  • This week, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have been trading barbs about who and what is fair game when it comes to battling in the American political arena. The one thing the two men seem to agree upon is that their wives should be left out of it, that their right to remain above the fray should be protected. It’s so important to Trump and Cruz that they can’t seem to stop talking/tweeting/beating us over the head. Meanwhile, the rights of an entire group are being threatened in the state of Georgia. A bill is headed to the Governor in the Peach Tree State that would allow religious officials to refuse to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. The law would also permit tax-funded groups to deny services to the LGBT community. Has Georgia learned nothing from the PR disasters in Arizona and Indiana over similarly malicious legislation? The good news is, powerful corporations like Disney plan to stop doing business in the state if the bill is signed. Trump and Cruz might not stand for much, but Mickey Mouse champions equality.

What stories from this week do you think deserve more attention?