Trump’s Call For Poll Monitoring Needs Far More Media Attention


“The Trump campaign is literally ready to do battle all the way through November 8 in the name of “Making America Great [White] Again.” As NPR’s Pam Fessler reported earlier this month, Trump Calls On Supporters To Monitor Polling Places On Election Day. Two rhetorical questions:

  1. What do you suppose is the dominant demographic makeup of these poll patrollers?
  2. Who do you think they’re looking to screen during an exercise of constitutional rights?

Trump has already planted the seed that the only way he loses in certain states (specifically Pennsylvania) is if “cheating” occurs. If this were fiction, it might be hilarious that Trump’s new campaign chief, the upstanding citizen known as Steve Bannon, is himself the suspect of voter fraud. But I’m not laughing. Because as Fessler correctly observes, ‘Most election experts dismiss Trump’s claims that people can vote five, 10 or 15 times at the polls. Not only is it almost impossible to do. There are very few proven cases of in-person voter fraud.'”

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