And Iran, Iran so Far Away… (June 22, 2009)

Two posts in one day, campers! I told you I feel giddy. Ok, so I think we all need a break from hearing about me, so let’s take up something important. What do we make of the events in Iran? I have been doing some informal polling of my friends and neighbors, and many of them seem to think we are on a path to war. I am not sure I agree with that. For those of you who may not have ingested any news in the last few days, waiting with bated breath for the “announcement” promised by Jon and Kate Gosselin later tonight, allow me to give you a brief synopsis.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran, the cur of a gentleman who has repeatedly denied the existence of the Holocaust, and who never misses an opportunity to promise the total annihilation of Israel, has recently won re-election. However, there are more than a few suspicions of electoral foul play afoot. Recently, demonstrations have broken out across the globe, and most promisingly, inside the reclusive nation itself, demanding a recount, or stronger still, a regime change entirely. Personally, I find Ahmadinejad to be a repulsive and dangerous individual, but particularly in light of the Iraq debacle, I say the U.S. needs to step back and let the people of Iran make their own decisions.

That said, President Obama has received a large amount of criticism, in fairness, not only from the right, for taking a relatively measured, hands off approach. I want to know what you think. Why should the Sunday morning talk show pundits have all the fun? I’d like to take this moment to issue a special plea to Jen of All Trades. For God’s sake, talk to us woman!


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