Peace and Quiet (June 22, 2009)

Whoo wee! It’s hot as a mug out there, isn’t it kids? I couldn’t be happier. I am a heat person for certain. Makes you wonder why I choose to live and work in Chicago doesn’t it? If I can convince Eddie, we will surely be that old couple retiring on Miami Beach. He says that minus the bikinis and hot cars, it’s a bit too much like India for his taste. I’ll work on him. Nonetheless, the sun is shining, temperatures are soaring and Boop is on the mend.

I was back on solid foods as of yesterday. A.D. had a backyard gathering for Eddie’s folks in Wisconsin. I still had to steer clear of beer and dairy (two things I love dearly), but I was able to stand upright for more than a full hour without feeling woozy or nauseous. This is definitely progress. But the best reason for my upbeat mood today? I am alone, alone, alone. Eddie’s folks have left for a three day sojourn to Buffalo, NY, and my hubby is in South Carolina for the workweek as usual. How did I celebrate this giddy state of independence? By doing almost nothing!

I desperately need to turn in a piece to the Life Coach, catch up on housecleaning, and other chores. Instead, I slept in, did some grocery shopping and caught up on my back of issues of Entertainment Weekly and episodes of One Life to Live. Mock me if you will, but Eddie is an even bigger fan of the daytime drama than myself. 2009 calls for a heavy dose of escapism, and the citizens of Llanview with their baby swapping, booty calls and “very special” teen episodes are just what the doctor ordered. I promise that tomorrow I will finally settle down and get to work. This taste of freedom unleashed the slag in me.

I met Rob the trainer at the gym at 1:30. I hadn’t worked out in five days. I wish I could have. I simply wasn’t able to due to sickness and family crap. I have never felt so old in my life as I did huffing and puffing during relatively simple exercises. I guess it will take me some time to get my groove back. With the parents in town, I have consumed very little protein in the last 10 days (they are die hard vegetarians), so I helped myself to some Whole Foods sushi and then went home for a nap. Who knew that freedom could feel so decadent?

The Edge shipped my first book today. I am now a book reviewer in addition to a theater critic for the online publication. Pretty cool right? I will finally get to use the long dormant, literary analytical skills I honed, completing my Master’s in English at Northeastern. I have ten days to get through this vampire tome and write a review of it. Is it just me, or anyone else finding this vampire craze to be a bit played?

I also managed to pick up a copy of StreetWise today. The damned thing had been out five days already, and I still hadn’t seen my story. I was kind of surprised to discover I had landed the cover again. Sweet! The vendor who sold it to me seemed rather impressed. It’s a well known facts that writers, with their various demons and self-esteem issues, are in constant need of reassurance that they don’t suck. Thus I was very nigh to beaming from the praise of vendor number #205.

I am still not making money from this writing thing, but slowly but surely, I am getting placement and attention. That is enough for now. I have suspended the search for a “real” job, at least until Eddie’s Mom goes home on the 8th. I will update my resume and get back to it at that time. For the moment however, I do feel at peace.


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