Conversations with Kevin (July 1, 2009)

We are going to try something a little different this week on “Which End is Up!?” My good friend Kevin Smith, whom you may know as the beloved of my recently departed partner in crime, Jesika, has become a blogger in his own right – a pretty good one too. Check him out at It Ain’t Hard to Tell.

Kevin’s blog was begun as a way to cathartically chronicle his recovery from the loss of Jesika. But over time, it has become about other things too: say, Kevin’s obvious love for comic books, and the crappy state of hip hop music.

A couple weeks back, as I was ill and repressed, Kevin suggested that we test out a sort of cross-blog promotion. Once a month, we will meet for lunch and discuss a variety of topics: maybe pop culture or current affairs, maybe a little venting about our various trials and tribulations, with a dash of career development progress. In turn, we will post rundowns of these conversations on our mutual blog platforms. Kevin and I have two very different viewpoints, so the hope is that our meetings trigger some healthy debate, and the involvement of all of our readers.

We are supposed to meet for burgers at noon today. I haven’t had red meat in almost three weeks. However, due to a four day bender of PMS-induced gluttony last weekend, I think it will be the salad for Boop.


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