3 AM Procrastination (June 30, 2009)

Hi dee doo! This is Boop blogging at you in the middle of the night. Why have I turned into a creature of the dawn? Pure, old uselessness yesterday and a state of mental exhaustion leads me to this state. I have a piece I should have sent to the life coach on Sunday night. But Eddie and Mummy were buzzing around all Sunday evening getting ready for their trip to South Carolina this week. That spilled over into the 4:00 AM chaos on Monday morning, from which it took awhile to return to sleep.

I met my high school chums E, Gary (and Gary’s partner Chad) for lunch and a movie yesterday. MY PMS-induced feeding frenzy left me in need of a nap at 4 PM. There I basically remained for the rest of the evening, occasionally waking to watch a few minutes of CNN and speak to Eddie by phone. (side note: I think I have undone most, if not all of my 9 pound weight loss in the last four days).


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