Jimmy Choo Shoes (June 27, 2009)

My good buddy Jimmy, someone who entered my life during my recent stint at the ADA, wails on the guitar. Seriously. The first time I heard him play, I expected talent, but the dude is a virtuoso. I am proud to know someone with such skills.

Since this is my blog (well, mine and Jen’s), I can use it to plug stuff I really believe in. One such item is Jimmy and his band, Part-Time Models. Here is a description of their mission:

“Part-Time Models is a high-energy Chicago rock cover band that plays songs to move to, sing to and drink to! PTM kicks into high gear from the very first song and doesn’t let up until every bottle in the bar is empty, all high heels have been kicked off, shirts are off and dolladollabills are on fire. Come ready with no excuses and party with Part-Time Models all night long!These guys are certainly not actual models, instead the name Part-Time Models being a reference to the instant classic song “Most Beautiful Girl” by Flight of the Conchords(but you already knew that). Members of PTM both individually and collectively have been seen on most of your favorite Chicago stages ranging from Hard Rock Cafe to Double Door to Cubby Bear to Wise Fools to Chicago City Limits to festivals, etc. No strangers to the Chicago music scene, this crew brings you pro-quality versions of your favorite current and past sing-along rock songs…making sure to keep up with the latest songs on the radio today, of course the classics, and everything in between!”

If you’re in the area, and even remotely like to rock, I highly recommend you check out their show on July 31st from 11pm – 3am at The Rockhouse (formerly Déjà vu) on Lincoln Ave. Here is a link to The Rockhouse web site:


I am always happy to support local talent, especially when that talent lives inside a dear friend. Rock on!


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