End of the Month (July 31, 2009)

Even by usual standards, this has been a tough month for me and those that I love. But take heart sufferers, this is the last day of the month, and a Friday at that. I declare this must bode well for a fabulous August.

Eddie and I hit a tremendous marital roadblock, Jen’s Little Rosebud had surgery. My BFF Gary graduated from his MSW program May 8th and has been wickedly exposed to the cruelty of the job market, right as his student loans are about to come due. Little C lost her position. Jeremy’s mother died yesterday. It seemed that July was unseasonably cool this year in more ways than one. I send my love out to those going through troubled times, as they have sent their love in return to me.

Tomorrow is August 1st. One week from then, Boop will have to confront her 31st birthday. A few months ago I swore I would have a better attitude about it than I did my milestone birthday last year. Despite a few setbacks, I still cling to those plans. August is the last month of summer and I think the long suffering citizens of Chicago deserve to see it go with a little heat and happy times. I will do my part.


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