Sisters are Doin’ It for Themselves (August 10, 2009)

This photo was taken of sisters Becky Boop and Jen of All Trades last Saturday at Boop’s awesome 31st birthday party. I want to thank everyone who made it out to Fat Cat to help me celebrate. For those that missed, it was a hot one (like I wanted it), but a good time was had by all. Jen saw fit to inform me that my “bad birthday bitch” hairdo (term coined by my stylist, Linda) made me look all the more like my icon and blog inspiration, Betty Boop. Nice.

But I am attempting to do more here than fish for compliments regarding the obvious pulchritude of my little sis and I. No sooner are we over the hump of Boop’s birthday misanthropy, than we must welcome another joyous event. That is, of course, the 29th birthday of my fellow blogger in crime. Yes, Jen is such a wanna be poseur when it comes to her big sister that she had the audacity to try to steal my birthday. She came close, landing at August 11th. I will leave you to pity us for the joint birthday parties and joint presents that comprised much of our childhood. Jen and I fought like little boys – it got ugly.

Like many of us, Jen has had a rough year. Things haven’t gone exactly as planned after Rosebud’s surgery, and the fevers appear to continue – for now. Jen’s immersion in her daughter’s recovery has necessarily taken away her blogging time, but I am hopeful the drought will soon be over.

Jan and her family are going away tomorrow on a much needed two-day waterpark excursion. But she has an iPhone and rarely stops playing with it. Updates to this blog are sent to her attention immediately. So even if she is not technically online tomorrow, it would be really neat if anyone who checks in with this page, even semi-often, would send Jen a birthday shout out. I think she could use the extra love this year.

Happy Birthday Mama!

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