Town Hall Terror (August 12, 2009)

Can we all agree in a nonpartisan way that this ghettoness is a black eye (another one) on our country and needs to stop immediately? I am all for vigorous public debate and dissent, no matter what my friend Timbo says. I am not so sure I love all parts of Obama’s health care reform plan either, but the President has demonstrated a willingness to talk it out. Disrespectfully shouting each other down, intimidation – how in the world does this help us sort out the issue and implement change in a viable way?

I have trouble believing it, but it seems there are in fact those who desire status quo health care policy. I understand that a lot of people simply fear change, but there’s just no arguing that health care as it is in America costs too much money and doesn’t work the way it should for many of us. Even when one has “good” insurance, you just can’t afford to get sick. Preventive care? Almost nonexistent.

My point however is not to state my allegiance to health care reform, though I am 100% behind it. I have been so disgusted and disappointed each day for the last week plus that I have turned on CNN to find reports of animal behavior at Town Hall meetings designed to educate and answer questions about the proposed plan.

It seems that fear has become a great instigator. I am afraid too, about many things, but I know well that being a little scared can help you make smart decisions, or it can leave one inert. When it comes to health care reform, we can’t allow the latter, as we did 15 years ago. It’s too important to our economic recovery, and our wellness as Americans. Stop the madness!


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