The Lovie Shuffle (January 3, 2010)


I would like to formally congratulate the Bears on the official end to a mediocre, 7-9 season. Sadly, we Chicagoans are used to the Bears routine suckiness (and that trip to the Super Bowl in February 2007 was just a lovely fluke). But what makes the repeat of last year’s dismal record sting a bit more is the dumping of “Sexy Rexy” Grossman for the much more expensive (fiscally and in terms of future prospects) Jay “Multimillion Dollar Baby” Cutler. Such high hopes. So many interceptions.

Clearly Da Bears had problems above and beyond the undependable arm of our man Jay. Can we get a defense before next Fall? Perhaps show Lovie the door? What is with Bears fans and our irrational attachment to our coaches?

At the very least, the Bears went out somewhat nobly in the remaining two games of this often humiliating season. Granted the final quarter of today’s contest was a little bit more stressful than it ought to have been, given that we were playing Detroit. But last week’s “W” against Favre and the Vikings brought a genuine sheen to my eyes. Maybe there is hope for next year? Hey – I am a Chicago sports fan. What else do we have to keep us warm in these winter months if not eternal optimism?

That reminds me. The Cubs are three months away…


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