Do you want to get physical to “Physical?” (February 20, 2010)


Let me begin by saying that I am a HUGE ONJ fan (that’s Olivia Newton-John to the rest of you). The reasons for my love of the cute blonde Aussie are too numerous to delineate here. Grease! Xanadu! Ok, I’m done.

Among the many Newton John projects I have enjoyed over the years, 80s radio staple “Physical” surely rated with me. Of course I just thought it was a nice song about working out in the gym when I was in kindergarten, much like I believed wholeheartedly that “Little Red Corvette” was a ditty about a rad sports car.

“Physical” is an ear worm piece of pop candy that I personally love to consume. Be that as it may, and even despite its racy subtext, I still don’t think I find the song overtly sexy in any way.

Now when I think hot in the 80s, I picture Baby and Johnny Castle practicing intimate Latin dance moves to Eric Carmen’s “Hungry Eyes.” Now that’s sexy. A bunch of fat sweaty guys ambling around on a badly lit faux gym soundtage? Not so much. I would also argue that ONJ’s sweet singing voice sort of precludes anything she warbles about from sounding suggestive. You could have replaced the lyrics with a well chosen “Penthouse Letter” and the result would be the same.

What do you make of the results of this poll? And what songs get you in the mood for love?


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