Missing in Action: the Week’s Overlooked News Stories


Parents could be on the hook for kids who bully. The media fails to care about terrorism in countries with brown people. And one man does things in a wheelchair we can’t fathom, but they are awesome. Here’s what you missed during this last week of April….

Small Wisconsin town takes big step toward stopping bullies

If your kid is a jerk, you could pay the price. That’s the idea behind a new ordinance in Shawano, Wisconsin. Police in that town are working with the school district to identify bullies, then notify their parents. Mom and dad have 90 days to intervene, and if the bullying behavior continues they are slapped with a fine of $366. The fines progress if the same child is found harassing another within a year. Controversial? Yes. Effective? That remains to be seen. Either way, I’m finding it hard to argue against giving it a shot.

Another awful thing has happened in Syria, and you haven’t heard about it

The media continues its trend of cherry picking which awful acts of terrorism are worthy of coverage (basically only if it happens in the U.S. or Europe). If 27 people, including children, were killed in an airstrike at a pediatric hospital in the West, we wouldn’t be hearing about anything else. But this one happened in Aleppo, Syria so whatever.

Man in wheelchair proves we are all wimps

Ever twist an ankle and then spend time loudly lamenting your life karma, how you can’t do anything, how you wish everything was normal again? Yeah, we’re drama queens too. After reading this article, we have to cancel our pity party. This week’s feel-good story comes from 24 year-old Aaron Fotheringham,  who was born with spinal bifida. Instead of feeling sorry for himself and growing bitter, he became a record-setting extreme sports wheelchair competitor. His bad-assery is unlike anything we have seen in a while. Team Aaron!


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