Professional Geek Podcast Episode 4: Becky Sarwate

Pro Geek Pod

“Professional Geek is a podcast where hosts Blaire Knight-Graves and Mark Beers interview professionals with geeky tendencies from various industries. Featured you will hear stand up comedians, video game writers, music composers, accountants, copywriters, Foley artists, journalists, sales people, actors, directors, publicists, authors and much, much more. Our guests will offer listeners sage advice for how to break into your chosen industry, and tell some funny stories of how they got into the jobs they’re in now. Each episode includes a discussion on the different ways that being a geek can help you become a better professional, and advice on everything from copyright law to networking, and turning your favorite thing into your career.”

On May 11, 2016, Becky Sarwate was interviewed by the hosts about her passions for writing, literary history, the late and great Prince, the Chicago Cubs and her experiences teaching her course, Making Your Liberal Arts Degree Work: Writing for the Professional World and Internships, a class that focuses on helping budding creative professionals learn to ply their skills in a variety of employable settings. Becky is well-suited to teach this subject, following a creative career working in the corporate sector, while publishing her own creative non-fiction works.

You can listen to this and other Professional Geek interviews here.


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