Missing in Action: The Week’s Overlooked News Stories


April showers apparently bring…more of the same in May. While much of the country dries out, take a look at a few stories you may have missed this week. A stubborn American in Syria, a graduating granny and possibly the most ungrateful and entitled newlyweds in history caught our attention…. 

‘Last American in Damascus’ tells a different side to life in Syria

The BeckySarwate.com team was shocked to read that any Americans still inhabit the war-torn region, but even more surprised that this gentleman has a positive outlook on his residential future. 71 year-old Thomas Webber landed in Syria back in 1975 to start a business and never left. Though he recalls a day when a rocket mortar landed at his doorstep, he maintains that he feels safe and has no plans to leave despite the urging of the U.S. government. We’re not sure if that is admirable or crazy, but we’ll continue to follow this story.

85 year-old great-grandmother fulfills a life-long dream

As the 2016 graduation season approaches its climax, we thought this article needed to be shared. Lottie Jacks will receive her diploma from Samford University this weekend – nearly 50 years after dropping out of college in 1948 to marry and start a family. Earning her degree was a dream that never died and damn it, Lottie did it! As an emotionally satisfying cherry on top, the new grad will share the stage with one of her granddaughters. The young lady is receiving a Master’s degree from the same university. This inspiring story reminds us that adages like “you can do anything to which you set your mind,” or “it’s never too late” are repeated with good reason.

Wedding couple apparently has the biggest balls of all time

This story out of somewhere in the UK (editorially inferred by the use of English Pounds as well as the word “gobsmacked”) is jaw-dropping in its sheer gall. Newlyweds, disappointed with the financial gift of a reception attendee, actually sent a letter to the guest to tell her as much. The couple even cited the woman’s recent inheritance as a reason for her to “send an adjustment.” The shocked and offended party took to an online forum to ask how for advice on handling this incredibly rude correspondence. The responses received are as entertaining as the original story. Click the link above for your daily LOL.


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