Missing in Action: The Week’s Overlooked News Stories


A big personal week for the BeckySarwate.com staff as we prepare to accept a trove of writing awards for our 2015 work on this very site. Since we are grappling with so many professional feels, why not add a heartwarming graduation story, a sexy Prime Minister elbowing opponents of a “death with dignity” law and a new celebrity baby? Read on….

Single mom graduates from college, credits son for her success

This week’s feel-good story brought tears to our eyes. A 24 year-old woman graduated from North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State University this week after overcoming an incredible amount of obstacles. Jelina Sheppard took to Instagram to write a beautiful tribute to her 4 year-old son Karter, in which she describes times when he fell asleep in a library or took care of her when she was sick – all so that she could walk across the stage to make him proud.  We hope this incredible little family stays strong together and continues to enjoy success in life. Toss that mortarboard high in the air, girl. You earned it!

Canadian Prime Minister shows signs of being human

Large portions of the United States continue to look for ways to move to Canada, due in no small part to the liberal views and dreamy good looks of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. But the seemingly perfect Canuck leader showed a blemish this week when things got heated during a session of Parliament. To be fair, no punches were thrown (it wasn’t a Trump rally) and it all appears to be much ado about relatively nothing. But an apology was issued  – and a very dignified one at that. So exhale. We can all resume our dual citizenship research.

Hollywood couple keeps baby a secret for months!

If you thought the Eva Mendes/Ryan Gosling baby mystery was well-shrouded, they have nothing on another famous duo. Gilmore Girls star Alexis Bledel and husband Vincent Kartheiser of Mad Men fame had a baby LAST YEAR as we learned this week. We have no idea how the entire pregnancy and birth remained safe from the glaring paparazzi eye, but we give them mad props for evading intrusion and for keeping things private. This is unheard of in Hollywood. The identity of the story-leaker is the best part. If you’re a rabid Gilmore Girls fan (like the BeckySarwate.com staff), you want to click the link above.


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