Women of America: Don’t Give Up – It’s Exactly What the GOP Wants


“It’s hard to find an upside to a presidential candidate’s complete degradation of women and the partisan magpies of which he has taken full advantage. Better late than never just won’t do when it comes to standing against the systemic subjugation of more than 50 percent of the country. However if we’re to take anything positive from this horrendous, exhausting experience, let’s applaud the uplift of female voices. Victims of sexual assault are finding community, and at long, overdue last, a mainstream media and electorate ready (for the most part) to listen and learn.

These courageous women are finally getting some action and reaction. What’s happened and continues to happen is not right and it will never be ok. But the conversation is a place to start. And on November 8, we can finally finish the embarrassing, violent Trump chapter of American electoral history.


Read the full post at Contemptor.


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