Missing in Action: The Week’s Overlooked News Stories



Not everything is about Donald Trump and the dumpster fire he’s cultivated from American democracy. Let’s touch on some of the news items you may have overlooked while running away from continuous cable news election coverage.

Family finds the joy amidst pain

The agony of learning your child is terminally ill is unimaginable. My sister, a valued member of the BeckySarwate.com Team and mother of two, always follows up tough parenting stories with the line “no one ever tells you THAT part.” I’m told surprises lurk behind every corner when it comes to raising children, not all of them pleasant. But this family is truly an inspiration. They have taken horrible news with grace and dignity, turning it into something immensely positive – a “joy list” of experiences to check off while they are still lucky enough to have their two year-old daughter. We all get wrapped up in daily stresses, but while reading this story of a life not wasted, take a moment to appreciate your blessings .

Bob Dylan appaerently doesn’t care about his Nobel Prize

In last week’s MIA column, we told you Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature. The academy had a hard time even finding Dylan to give him the prize money. It seems this very BFD does not matter at all to the peculiar artist.

While the BeckySarwate.com Team admits to not being particular fans of the music legend, we can’t help but admire a guy who’s never been in it for the glory. Cheers to you sir.

“Weird” Al Yankovic provides much needed comic relief

If you’re like me, you barely have any space remaining in your tolerance files because of this presidential election cycle. Writing about it week after week after week has seriously become an emotional drain, so I was thrilled to discover this little gem. After Wednesday’s third and final debate, the most talked about moments resulted in viral hashtags like #BadHombres and #NastyWoman. Leave it to “Weird” Al to use them to pull off the funniest video of the week, competing against the likes of Trevor Noah from the Daily Show.


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